Lightship Brands, LLC

The Brand

Kristen and Bill Golden have always set their course for "Life Beyond the Horizon". Believing that you either grow or you die, Kristen and Bill have traveled the world constantly reinventing themselves through new destinations and new challenges.
Twenty years ago, Kristen and Bill, reached out to their new Life Beyond the Horizon by buying the 600 ton Nantucket Lightship WLV 612, preserving the Lightship and transforming the ship into a six bedroom, seven bath luxury yacht. Today only twelve of the original 179 US lightships are still afloat and the 612 has survived as the last fully operational US Lightship, cruising ocean waters and guiding all who seek out the enduring values and traditions of the Nantucket Lightship to Life Beyond the Horizon.
By founding Lightship Brands with former American Express executive, Carolyn Shapiro, Kristen and Bill are once again reaching out beyond their horizon to offer a unique, Nantucket Lightship WLV 612 inspired collection of apparel and accessories that reflect the enduring values and historic traditions of the Lightship's "Beacons of Hope" and the mystique and adventure of destinations that await yet unseen in the future.  
Join us on this journey and signal clearly to all that you have charted your own course for Life Beyond the Horizon.

What We Stand For
Through the historical, storytelling imagery of the Nantucket Lightship and its legacy, the brand stands for classic, enduring values such as courage, dedication, passion, adventure, steadfast devotion, endurance, strength, unselfish commitment to others and never giving up or giving in.

What We Do
The Nantucket Lightship brand is a line of high quality, limited edition merchandise which allows the purchaser or recipients to feel as though they are living a perceptually exclusive, quality lifestyle without expending a fortune to do so. Secondarily, the brand also aims to protect our marine environments by apportioning some of its profits to support them and their marine inhabitants.

How We Do It
We accomplish this by tailoring our merchandise with elements which are unique and reminiscent of the images and ideals of Nantucket and a “Nantucket lifestyle”. We promote our merchandise by informing, educating and advocating via events, social media, digital and paper publications and many other retailing initiatives and communications. We aim to produce our products in the United States with the best possible cost/value ratio to maintain reasonable retail prices for what is offered.

The Crew

The Ship

The Brand