Nantucket Lightship Brands


For over 100 years the Nantucket Lightship welcomed millions who came to America to seek their “Life Beyond the Horizon”. Our mission is to create classic clothing that will inspire you to embrace and enjoy your “Life Beyond the Horizon.”

Nantucket Lightship Brands is a new clothing line that has been designed on the NANTUCKET LIGHTSHIP and hand-crafted with old-world tradition to provide you with the LUXURY, COMFORT, and STYLE that is vintage Nantucket Island.

Please follow us as we create and release new and exciting products to our heritage collection.

Our full website launches
in February 2023

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SNOWPORT Holiday Market at Boston Seaport

Enjoy a day of Holiday shopping at the SNOWPORT Holiday Market. The neighborhood has been transformed into a magical winter getaway. Find Nantucket Lightship Brand apparel, gifts, treats, and plenty of surprises in this one-stop wonderland.

We'll see you at our store at SNOWPORT until Dec 31st.

Visit the SNOWPORT website [click] for directions, parking, and more!

We're at SNOWPORT until Dec. 31st

Nantucket Lightship Red Stripe Crew Top (back)

Nantucket Lightship Red Stripe Crew Top

Nantucket Lightship White Stripe Crew Top (back)

Nantucket Lightship Red Stripe Crew Top

Lightship Lace Up Sweatshirt Grey

Nantucket Lightship Sweatshirt Navy

612 Short Sleeve T-Shirt Navy

Art T-Shirt Gray Print

Art T-Shirt Color Print

Nantucket Lightship Signature Candles